Patient Centered Medical Home:

A concept proposed years ago by the American Academy of Family Physicians has been adopted under the Health Care Law under the Obama Administration.  It calls for individualized medical care based on a comprehensive primary care foundation.  It is the essence of family medicine applied to the modern American health care system.  The uniqueness of an individual’s medical needs is supported by the expertise and experience of a family physician to navigate through the variables which affect one’s health in a highly specialized and disjointed medical system.  It also takes into account how the social and economic environment impacts medical care and mental health.  It empowers the individual to make informed decisions by partnering with a primary care provider in a meaningful long term relationship.

East Hampton Family Medicine is pursuing the certification for this model of health care.  We will be required to manage your medical information and track your care more than ever before. As a patient you are now expected to have greater participation with your medical records and decision making.  You will be expected to help ensure that all medical visits with other physicians be part of your electronic medical record.  This includes laboratory tests, radiology and other procedures.  Notify any specialist you see that East Hampton Family Medicine is your primary care provider so that all evaluations are sent to us.  A complete medical record is essential to giving you the best medical care that we can. 

We encourage you to communicate your concerns as we try to care for you in new ways you may not have expected.  And keep in mind this is all about you and improving your health care. Remember, you are part of your medical team. Your contribution helps us and helps you!